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  • The Tale of Genji, Algorithms
  • blockbuster novel from South Korea wins the international Man Booker prize in an English translation
  • Lost in translation! Scotty T's Geordie lingo confuses co-star as he makes cameo appearance in Neighbours
  • Preventing the Babylonian API Confusion
  • A famous existential quandary, run through Google Translate.
  • French translation of Premier Arsenault's memoirs being launched.
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Please do not accept any projects from public email accounts like yahoo, gmail, rediff or any other. For all our business activities we use our internal company account like If you receive projects from accounts like or any other please do not pay attention. We approach linguist through our company's’ internal email account only.
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We at Somya Life Sciences carefully review all translation orders, we refere each project to their expert for research, before we start translation. All orders must be accompanied with purchase order number before work is scheduled.

All orders are accepted by our fax/email. Please provide the following information while ordering :

  • Document needs to be translated
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