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Language Services

Language Translation services - Somya Life Sciences

Somya Life Sciences is the renowned leading language translation and localization company that works from India and connect to the translation world through its quality Translation Services. We offer 100% professional human generated translation services for your any kind of documents, websites, software applications and audio-video etc.

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Do not worry. We assist and serve you as per your requirement and get it translated with fidelity as well the originality of your documents. We transcribe all kind of Medical/scientific Questionnaires, Clinical protocol Synopsis, Medical Evaluation forms, Medical/Scientific Articles, Trial contracts etc.

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Over the decade, Somya Life Sciences experienced in numerous distinctive sorts of document translation services for legal, telecom, medical, technical, aviation, tourism, financial and others. Apart from it we also provide Website and software Localization, subtitling, Interpretation and Desktop Publishing services. We provide error free translation of any documents into over 100 languages such as Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, etc, and have a global network of qualified native translators. Somya Life Sciences is very particular in translation of medical documents; we always transcribe the names of medications and operations proceedings. 

Our team is embodied in-house and independent linguists, interpreters, translators, editors, quality assurance managers, and web programmers having much experience in the field of language translation and interpreting.

We provide high-quality services to each individual and all sorts of companies looking for their localized business and documents globally. We work across the nation and worldwide.